Have a question for us? We are always happy to hear from you.

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Have a question for us? We are always happy to hear from you.

NN Sweets is pleased to present to you a unique collection of premium and authentic Mediterranean sweets that suits all your happy occasions. NN Sweets is a synonym of a gourmet quality that is simply second to none!

Welcome to NN Sweets - Nation's Best Baklawah

Since it was founded in 1957, Nafisah Sweets's mission has been to freshly bake and serve you with the authentic premium Middle Eastern pastries. We take pride into our strong commitment to quality. Our premium baklawah is made from only the highest quality hand-picked all natural ingredients. The authentic taste of our premium baklawah makes it perfect for everyone to enjoy. You can never go wrong with Nafisah Sweets for all your happy occasions; whether it's for business, a holiday gift or warm family and friends gatherings.

Pistachio Mabroumah

Dates M'amoul

Cashew/Pistachio Ballouriyyah


Bird's Nest

Kol Wash-kor


Cashew Fingers

عملاءنا الكرام ؛ يسعدنا أن نقدم بين يديكم تشكيلة من أطيب و أفخم الحلويات

الشامية العربية الأصيلة لجميع مناسباتكم و جمعاتكم الطيبة و بالجودة الفريدة التي لا ترضون بأقل منها

******* We Ship to Entire USA & Canada *******

Cashew Fingers

Premium ground pine nuts and cashews tightly rolled in layers of our freshly made thin and flaky phyllo.

Kol Wash-kor

Bite size premium cashews rolled by layers of our freshly made thin and flaky dough (phyllo) topped with a light rose water syrup.

Pistachio Ballouriyyah

Premium baked chopped pistachio surrounded between two layers of our freshly made shredded dough (Kataifi) and topped with a light rose water syrup.

Bird's Nest Pistachio

Bite size whole premium pistachios filled in “bird’s nest” shaped freshly made shredded dough (Kataifi).

Pistachio Mabroumah

Whole pistachios nestled in a lightly browned freshly made shredded dough & slightly dipped in a light caramelized syrup.

Dates Ma'moul

A traditionally made buttery cookie from wheat flour/semolina stuffed with dates & pressed into special wooden molds. Fillings are infused with rosewater/orange blossom.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Our corporate gifts accommodate all price ranges, occasions, and holidays.

Different pastry varieties and sizes are available to choose from.


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Authentic Taste that Pleases Everyone

For You to Enjoy!

The authentic taste of our premium baklawah makes it perfect for everyone to enjoy. Nabeel Nafisah Sweets is perfect for all your happy moments, be it a business achievement, a holiday gift or a warm family gathering.

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Wholesale Opportunities

Wholesale Opportunities

We’ve been proud working w/ customers reselling our premium baklawah worldwide. Whether you’re a distributor, restaurant, bakery shop, caterer or a supermarket, give us a shout to learn more about our program.

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World Famous Baklawah

World Famous Baklawah

We’re committed to baking authentic Syrian baklawah from our family’s recipes.

Our mission is to honor our loyal customers with fresh pastries that only use the highest-quality hand-picked and all natural ingredients.

About Us

Amazing Taste

What can I say, best quality baklava packed in boxes 🙂 Absolutely outstanding as a gift and as a sweet snack at home.

Kaśka Kariatydai

Candy Maker

Best sweets ever. Strongly recommend!

Suhair Darwash


Five stars deserts. I also like the way baklawah is arranged in the boxes.

Rana Al-Debs

Sales manager